Victorian Mourning Jewelry
  1. Victorian Enamel Memorial Locket, with 10k Gold Etching, Pendant Charm
  2. Antique Victorian Round Cameo Bakelite Mourning Necklace On Link Necklace
  3. VICTORIAN Woven Braided Human Hair Mourning 10K Gold Filled Choker Necklace 15
  4. Antique Victorian 14k Gold Engraved Mourning Photo Hair Bracelet Clasp
  5. Victorian Braided Mourning Hair Watch Fob 11 Long
  6. Antique Victorian Era Mourning Hair Watch Chain Holder with Lion Decoration
  7. 1880 Victorian Mourning Hair Brooch Ring Gold Fill Mourning Altered Brooch Ring
  8. Antique Victorian Mourning Double Sided Feather Art Pendant Owl & Parrot
  9. Vintage Jewelry Bag Some Gold Some Silver Some Vintage
  10. Antique Victorian Mourning Vulcanite Daisy Flower Glass Pendant Locket
  11. Antique Victorian Horse Hair Mourning Pocket Watch Fob Chain
  12. Victorian Mourning Hair Locket Double Case with CHERUBS Brooch BRAIDED HAIR NC
  13. WILD GOTH jet black plastic large bead 30 long necklace bead GRADUATED mourning
  15. Antique Gold Filled Enamel Agate Cabochon 19th Century Victorian Mourning Brooch
  16. Antique Victorian Mourning Jewelry Brooch Gold Filled Plaited Hair Brooch
  17. Antique Victorian Mourning Swivel Rotating Brooch Pin with Pictures
  18. Antique Victorian Swivel Goldstone Woven Plaited Hair Brooch
  19. Antique Victorian Mourning French Jet Gold Filled Blonde Hair Cross Brooch Pin
  20. Victorian Rolled Gold Double Sided Momento Mori Mourning Photo Locket 2 Photos
  21. Amazingly Unique Victorian Solid 10K Gold Mourning Pin Brooch. 6.5 Gram K10
  22. Victorian 10k Rose Gold Genuine Hair Mourning Watch Chain 9 Inches Long
  23. Score Murano Uranium U0026 Crackle Glass Rs Germany Bone China Shawnee Thrift With Me Dr Lori
  24. Antique Victorian Ornate Nouveau Gold Filled Locket Diamond Chip Center Pendant
  25. Antique Victorian Mourning Jet Glass Necklace Beaded Double Tassels Faceted Bead
  26. BLACK Hand Carved Cameo Antique Victorian Pierced Bog, Signed V, on Ebony Black
  27. Antique Victorian Hair Ring 18k Yellow Gold Sz 10 Band Vintage Mourning Jewelry
  28. Antique Mourning Pin in Sterling Silver, 1800's
  29. Antique Victorian Mourning Swallow Bird Nest Vulcanite PUFFY Pendant Locket
  30. Victorian Seed Pearl antique gold filled mourning brooch
  31. Antique Victorian MOURNING BROCH 12K Gold & Micro Mosaic FLOWERS
  32. Victorian Mourning Braided Hair Bracelet
  33. Antique Victorian Mourning Cameo Gutta Percha Brooch Pin Pendant High Relief
  35. Antique Victorian 14k Gold Mourning Pin Woven Braided Hair Weave Memorial Brooch
  36. Superb Rare Antique French 14k Gold Diamond Hidden Locket Mourning Posy Ring
  37. Victorian Antique Mourning Tortoise Black Lace LARGE fan14k Gold Monogram Mount
  38. Antique Victorian Mourning Jewelry Carved Plume Brown Black Whitby Jet Bar Pin
  39. Antique Victorian Braided Hair Pocket Watch Chain or Cord Mourning Jewelry
  40. AU191 Victorian 1867-1870 14kt gold mourning portrait brooch
  41. Antique Victorian Vauxhall Glass Mourning/Gothic/Steampunk Choker/Necklace
  42. Rare Exquisite Old Antique Victorian Mourning Hair Wreath Art Framed Shadow Box
  43. One Of A Kind Memento Mori Mourning Victorian Gold Plated Silver Ring
  44. 1900 Handmade by Victorian BEADED MOURNING Black TIARA added Metal Headband OOAK
  45. Antique Victorian 12K Gold Mourning Brooch, Black Enamel & Blond Hair Art
  46. Amazingly Unique Victorian Solid 10K Gold Mourning Pin Brooch. 6.5 Gram K10
  47. Amazing Estate Jewelry Silver Haul Vintage Antique Victorian
  48. Victorian Antique 14k Gold Woven Hair Mourning Jewelry Book Pendant / Charm
  49. Antique Georgian Gold Tone Sepia Mourning Hair Locket Pendant
  50. Victorian Mourning Scottish Brown Striated Banded Agate Large Pin 16
  51. Victorian 10k Gold Woven Hair Mourning Stick Pin With Initials
  52. Antique Victorian Collar Mourning Black Jet Beaded Jewelry Clothing circa 1890s
  53. Rare PRINCE ALBERT Carved Intaglio Fob Antique Victorian Memento Mori Wax Stamp
  54. Antique victorian gold filled enamel Amethyst Greek goddess cameo brooch
  55. Hair Bracelet Victorian Mourning Jewelry Human Hair Antique
  56. Antique Victorian mourning bracelet, 18ct gold and Hairwork
  57. Mourning Memento Mori Double Portrait Locket Pendant WWI Sailor & Soldier
  58. Vtg Victorian Black Celluloid Mourning Cameo Brooch Pendant Goldtone With Tassel
  59. Victorian Mourning Hair RING 1/2 Blonde Hair Weave Under Glass Gold Plate Ring
  60. Diamond U0026 Platinum Necklace Ca 1925 Sands Point Preserve Hour 3 Antiques Roadshow Pbs
  61. Antique Krementz 14K Gold Black Enamel Seed Pearl Mourning Bar Pin Brooch
  62. Antique Victorian Taille d'Epergne Momento Mori Mourning 3D Bars Locket AS IS
  63. Antique Victorian 10k Yellow Gold Mourning Braided Hair Brooch Or Pendant
  64. Antique Victorian Gold Filled Pansy Flower Mourning Pin
  65. Superb Victorian Long Pinchbeck Gold Guard Chain 56 Long & 42 grams
  66. Antique Victorian 14K Gold Mourning Brooch Bullseye Banded Agate, Seed Pearls
  67. Victorian To Art Deco Thrift Haul And Sale Preview
  68. 14k Gold Woven Hair Mourning Brooch Enamel Frame Antique Georgian Victorian Vtg
  69. Victorian Whitby Jet Mourning Jewelry Identification Black Materials Of Victorian Jewelry Part 2
  70. Antique Victorian Mourning Pin Brooch Black Cameo Gutta Percha Jewelry Grecco Ro
  71. Pair of Antique Victorian Mourning Earrings
  72. Antique Victorian Ornate Oval Art Nouveau Gold Filled Locket Pendant
  73. Stunning & Beautiful Long Mourning White Cameo w Black Celluloid Chunky Necklace
  74. Victorian Antique 9K Yellow Gold Woven Hair Mourning Drop Dangle Earrings
  75. 10K Black Onyx Oval Victorian Mourning Stone Yellow Gold 50
  76. Victorian Era Hair Jewelry Mourning Stretch Bracelet with Gold Plated Center Piece
  77. Antique Victorian Brooch Cameo Reversible Child Photo Pendant
  78. 19c. Victorian Antique 14K Gold Memento Mori Skull Pendant Charm Diamonds Swivel
  79. Antique Victorian 14K Gold & Seed Pearls Mourning Enamel Photo Locket Pendant
  80. Best Moment Antique Opal Diamond U0026 Ruby Butterfly Brooch Antiques Roadshow Pbs
  81. Vintage Victorian Gold Leaf Pearl Mourning Brooch
  82. Victorian Mourning Etruscan Cross Pin 10K Yellow Gold Engraved Caps
  83. Unique 200 Year Old Jewellery Collection Antiques Roadshow
  84. SCARCE Victorian FLAT MATTE black necklace mourning trade beads ON chain antique
  85. CHATELAINE Black Mourning Bowed Brooch, Tintype Cameo Heart, Memoirs, Cross OOAK
  86. Antique Victorian Gold Filled Mourning Pin
  87. Antique Victorian Nouveau Black Bog Oak Mourning Funeral Pin Brooch Memento Mori
  88. Victorian Etruscan 9ct Gold Ruby Diamond Brooch Mourning Sweetheart Hair Locket
  89. Antique Victorian 14k Gold Mounted Jet & Seed Pearls Floral Form Mourning Brooch
  90. Antique 10K GOLD Victorian Mourning Hair Style Brooch Pin Funeral MOMENTO MORI
  91. Victorian Mourning Cross Brooch Made of Jet and 10K Gold
  92. Victorian 10K Yellow Gold Mourning Jewelry Black Onyx Seed Pearl Brooch 58mm
  93. Victorian Mourning Pin in Jet, 1800's Vintage Jewelry
  94. Antique Victorian Gilt Dome Etruscan Momento Mori Mourning Locket Brooch Pendant
  95. Antique Victorian Womans Mourning Funeral Hat with Veil Black Sequin Beads Pin
  97. Victorian Black Jet Glass Festoon Necklace Antique Mourning Jewelry
  98. 8 Greatest Jewellery Finds From 90s Antiques Roadshow Antiques Roadshow
  100. Antique Victorian Braided Hair Pocket Watch Chain or Cord Mourning Jewelry
  101. Antique Genuine Whitby Jet Mid-late 1800's Carved Bead Mourning Necklace 54long
  102. Antique 14k GOLD Victorian Memento Mori Mourning Hair Brooch Funeral Jewlery
  103. Estate Sale Treasures Victorian Hat Pins Gold Silver Japanese Owls A Fancy Show U0026 Tell
  104. Victorian Jet Black Glass Mourning Bar Brooch C Clasp Three Row Antique
  105. Victorian Mourning 14K Yellow Gold Faceted Black Onyx Dangling Beads Brooch Pin
  106. Vtg LOCKET LOT gold antique round square art nouveau necklace pendant victorian
  107. Treasure Haul 3 Generations Of Jewelry What Will We Find
  108. 1880 Victorian Mourning Hair Ring, Gold Filled Mourning Blonde Plaited Hair Dome
  109. Dress Historian Analyzes Victorian Mourning Clothing Of The MID 19th Century
  110. Antique Victorian 14k turquoise enamel hair locket brooch
  111. The Horrific Death Of Queen Victoria
  112. 10 KT. GOLD Antique Victorian Hair Brooch Pin 1800's Mourning Jewelry
  113. The Heartbreaking Case Of Adrianne Robert True Crime Documentary
  114. Antique Victorian Heraldic Coat Of Arms Pendant
  115. Antique Memento Mori Pendant RARE Soldier 19thc Assemblage Albany NY Button READ
  116. Ornate Antique Victorian Black Onyx & Pearl Brass Mourning Link Snap Bracelet 7
  117. Antique Victorian Gold Filled Oval Engraved Flowers Large Locket
  118. Large Antique Victorian 14k Yellow Gold Pearl Mourning Pin / Brooch
  119. Antique Victorian Landscape Towne Scene Pocketwatch Photo Locket c. 1860
  120. Victorian Double-Sided Portrait Mourning Brooch 14K Gold Frame
  121. Victorian Secret Locket Buckle Hair Rings (Set of 2) Yellow Gold Engraved
  122. Mourning Jewelry U0026 Victorian Hair Collection Antique Unboxing Old Brooches
  123. Antique Victorian Gold Filled Mourning Human Hair Watch Chain Locket Fob
  124. Mourning Beaded Antique Vintage Victorian Necklace Black Glass Choker 16
  125. Victorian Black Jet Glass Seed Pearl Ring, Large Early 1900s Cabochon, Sterling
  126. Victorian 14k Yellow Gold Pearls Black Enamel Engraved Work Mourning Pin Brooch
  127. 2 Antique Black Onyx 14 kt Gold Mourning Pins Set Tears Seed Pearl
  128. 14k Gold Victorian Mourning Brooch Pendant Pearl Black Enamel
  129. Antique Jewelry Brooch Identification
  130. Victorian Forget Me Not Enamel Momento Mori Engraved Gilt Brass Mourning Locket
  131. 5 Reasons The Victorian Era Was Utter Insanity Answers With Joe
  132. Victorian gold filled ruby mourning jewelry braided hair Pocket watch chain
  133. Victorian Gold Filled GF Blue Enamel Mourning Double Locket Charm Pendant
  134. Fabulous Jewelry Jar Unjarring
  135. Victorian Taille d'Epargne Enamel Gold Filled Cameo Pin Mourning Jewelry (B)
  136. Antique Carved Anthracite Coal Acorn Hat Pin Victorian Mourning Jewelry 7.25
  137. Antique 19c Victorian French Jet Festoon Knotted Mourning Necklacemuseum Piece
  138. Victorian Edwardian 14k gold Mourning Pin Brooch with pearls onix and chains
  139. Antique Victorian 14K Gold Filled GF Swivel Flipper Hair Mourning Locket Brooch
  140. Antique Victorian Faceted French Jet Glass Crucifix Cross Brooch Filigree Frame
  141. Antique? 14K Gold (Tested) Victorian Hair Mourning Brooch? No Pin? June 25, 1838
  142. Antique 1800's Mourning Hair Bracelet Jewelry Memento Victorian Funeral
  143. Antique Victorian 1843 Solid 9ct Gold & Black Enamel Woven Hair Mourning Brooch
  144. Victorian Etruscan Gold Washed Seed Pearl Hair Locket! Signed
  145. Antique Victorian Memento Encased Hair Work Mourning Brooch
  146. Pair of Antique Victorian Mourning Earrings
  147. Large Antique Victorian 14k Yellow Gold Pearl Mourning Pin / Brooch
  148. Antique Victorian, Mourning, Memento Mori, Glass Bead Black Jewelry Lot
  149. Behind The Veil The Dark World Of Victorian Mourning
  150. Antique Small Elagent Victorian Swivel wovan Hair Mourning Brooch
  151. Victorian hair jewelry earrings Triple Acorn with pearls 14k gold custom design
  152. Victorian Antique 14k Yellow Gold Hair Mourning Photo Crystal Oval Pendant
  153. Antique Victorian Mourning Necklace French Jet 48 inches
  154. Antique Victorian Gold Tone Mourning Locket Fob Mother of Pearl Flower Bouquet
  155. Victorian Antique Czech Bohemian Rose Cut Garnet Mourning Locket READ
  156. Victorian 14k Gold Sardonyx Hand Painted Portrait Swivel Locket Pendant
  157. Victorian 14k Yellow Gold Pearls Black Enamel Engraved Work Mourning Pin Brooch
  158. Victorian Hairwork Bracelet With Initials
  159. Victorian Antique Mourning Woven Hair Gold Filled Watch Fob Locket Chain
  160. Bakelight Mourning Black Cameo Necklace Victorian Art Deco Large Black Cameo
  161. Exquisite Antique Victorian Mourning Hair Wreath Art Shadow Box
  162. Victorian Mourning Jewelry
  163. Memento Mori Victorian Guilloche and Gold Pin
  164. Exquisite antique Victorian whitby jet cameo brooch Athena Olympic 10k gold back
  165. Antique Victorian Gold Filled Engraved Flowers Paste Stones Large Locket Pendant
  166. Victorian Double Sided Momento Mori Mourning Little Girl & Soldier Photo Locket
  167. Antique Victorian Era Mourning Hair Watch Chain Holder with Lion Decoration
  168. Black Jet Glass 38 necklace/BELT. Victorian 110 Beautiful Beads Handmade 1800s
  169. Antique CHATELAINE Black Mourning Jet Glass Heart Brooch, Angel, Locket, Flower
  170. ANTIQUE VICTORIAN MOURNING locket pendant photo of child inside
  171. Antique Victorian Hair Mourning Jewelry Bracelet/Necklace/Fob Engraved Locket
  172. Edwardian Double Sided Perspex Brass Mourning Photo Locket Pendant or Fob
  173. Victorian Mourning Hair 9K Gold Ring
  174. Antique Victorian Bullseye Agate Enamel Mourning Hair Brooch
  175. Victorian 10K Rose Gold Ribbon Holder Mourning Charm Pendant
  176. Victorian 14k Gold Braided Hair Blonde Encased Mourning Brooch Pin
  177. Victorian Enamel Hair Yellow Gold Mourning Ring
  180. Victorian Mourning Locket Pendant 18KY Ruby Brooch Pin 2.08 x 1.69
  181. Memento Mori Photos Of The Dead Part 1
  182. Victorian 18K Yellow Gold Onyx Mourning Hair Pendant
  183. Georgian Victorian White Gold Momento Mori Mourning Locket Brooch Pendant
  184. How To Make Victorian Hair Jewelry
  185. Victorian 14k Gold Mourning Hair BROOCH AND EARRINGS Matched Set 7.26 Grams
  186. 19 kt Gold VICTORIAN MOURNING Red & Green Stone Plaited Hair Brooch Pin B2969
  187. Rare PRINCE ALBERT Carved Intaglio Fob Antique Victorian Memento Mori Wax Stamp
  188. Victorian Double Sided Momento Mori Mourning Little Girl Photos Photo Locket
  189. Victorian 14k Gold Onyx Star Sun Burst Dangle Brooch Pin Mourning Pendant
  190. Victorian Glass Beaded Mourning Necklace, 1800's, Vintage Jewelry
  191. Antique Victorian braided hair mourning pin brooch jewelry 9k gold
  192. Victorian Gold Filled Onyx Mourning Brooch Seed Pearl
  193. Antique Victorian Gutta Percha Mourning Locket
  194. RARE Old Vintage Victorian Skull Skeleton Watch Fob Jes Sons Brand Memento Mori
  195. My Mourning Jewelry Collection What Is It Learn A Little More About These Macabre Treasures
  196. Victorian 14k Gold Hair Mourning Jewelry Bracelet Z1
  197. Antique Victorian 15k gold & onyx locket pendant double jeweled, mourning
  198. Antique 19th Century Victorian 14K Black Onyx Pearl Mourning Pin Brooch Pendant
  200. Antique Victorian Young Girl Portrait Brooch Mourning Pin BOOK PIECE
  201. Black Fob Cannelite Mourning Pendant Scottish Onyx Rose Gold Victorian Antique
  202. AU191 Victorian 1867-1870 14kt gold mourning portrait brooch
  203. Antique Victorian 14K Gold Swivel Hair Mourning Locket Brooch 8.9dwt
  204. Victorian Brooch Taille d'Epargne Enamel Gold Filled Cameo Pin Mourning Jewelry
  205. Jaw Dropping Customs Of Mourning The Dead From The Victorian Era
  206. Antique Mourning Jewelry A Fancy Show U0026 Tell
  207. Antique Victorian Mourning Locket Necklace Vulcanite
  208. Old Antique Vtg 1880s Victorian Mourning Jewelry Hair Necklace Watch Chain Fob
  209. Small 10 kt Rose Gold MID-VICTORIAN Mourning Plaited Hair Pin Brooch B2342
  210. Antique Victorian 9k Gold Black Enamel Mourning Locket Necklace Pendant Hair
  211. Pretty Antique Victorian 9K Gold Turquoise Woven Hair Buckle Mourning Ring Sz 7
  212. The History U0026 Origins Of Victorian Mourning Jewelry
  213. 10 kt Yellow Gold Large VICTORIAN Mourning Ghost Mirror Hair Pendant A1719
  214. Antique Victorian Mourning Locket Pendant 14K Gold, Enamel & Silver 11.4 grams
  215. Victorian Pinchbeck Gold Photograph Locket Pendant Sweetheart Gold Metal Chain
  216. Victorian Onyx MOURNING Pin/Brooch/Pendant Gold Filigree & Onyx Teardrops
  217. Antique Victorian Engraved Mourning Hair Photo Locket Pocket Watch Style Silver
  218. Victorian Edwardian Momento Mori Blue Enamel Gothic Cross Brass Mourning Locket
  219. Victorian Inlaid Pietra Dura Stone Wood Black Mourning Locket With 22k Bail
  220. 1 Victorian Mourning Hair RING Curls Under Glass Amethyst 1 Gold Filled OOAK
  221. Victorian Antique Mourning Woven Hair Gold Toggle Birthstones
  222. Antique Mourning Hat Pins, RARE Stone Scarabs, Pins & Earrings LotMust See
  223. Victorian Era Jewelry Portrait Mourning Brooch Pendant Estate 800 Silver
  224. Rare Victorian Large Scottish Banded Agate 9ct Mourning Locket Brooch
  225. Antique Victorian Carved Jet Flower 10K Rose Gold Mourning Brooch Pin 1.50x 1
  226. ANTIQUE Victorian 12kt Gold & Coral Cabochon Infant Hair Mourning Brooch
  227. Large Antique Victorian 14k Yellow Gold Pearl Mourning Pin / Brooch
  228. 14k Gold Antique Victorian Woven BLONDE Hair Mourning Cross Pendant Memento Mori
  229. Antique Victorian Woven Hair Mourning Cross UNTESTED Gold funeral death
  230. Antique 10k Victorian Mourning Pin Locket Brooch Diamond & Amethysts Glass Back
  231. Antique Victorian R Regard Mourning Pendant with Blue Enamel & Missing Back
  232. Victorian 10k Rose Gold Genuine Hair Mourning Watch Chain 12 Inches Long
  233. VINTAGE Victorian Whitby Jet Bar Brooch Hand Carved Flowers Pre-Owned
  235. 1780's R. Victorian STEAM PUNK Gothic Necklace Witch SALEM SEBASTIAN WARLOCK
  236. LONG 80 Antique Victorian Woven Hair Mourning Necklace funeral death
  237. Antique Victorian Mourning JewelryBroochesPinWatchHat PinsShoulder Jewelry
  238. Bakelight Mourning Black Cameo Necklace Victorian Art Deco Large Black Cameo
  239. Cannel Heart Mourning Brooch Scotland Onyx Rose Gold Victorian Antique Cannelite
  240. Victorian Jet Rolled Gold Ivy Leaf Momento Mori Mourning Swivel Locket Brooch
  242. Antique Victorian Woven Hair Pin Brooch Mourning jewelry funeral death
  244. Antique Victorian 1867 mourning locket 21K YG withhair horseshoes pearls emeralds
  245. Cannel Fob Cannelite Mourning Pendant Scottish Onyx Rose Gold Victorian Antique
  246. Antique Victorian Era Mourning Braided Hair Pocket Watch Fob Holder with Locket
  247. WOW Superb Victorian VERY LARGE 9ct Gold Mourning Hair Brooch c. 1870/1890s
  248. Vintage 9k Mourning with Onyx Stone Victorian Hair Brooch Pendant
  249. Victorian 10K Rose Gold Onyx Jet 13 Seed Pearl Mourning Pin Spectacular
  250. Victorian Antique 14K Gold Hair Mourning Earrings woven chandelier dangling 19C
  251. Victorian 14k Yellow Gold Pearls Black Enamel Engraved Work Mourning Pin Brooch
  252. Antique Memento Mori Pendant RARE Soldier 19thc Assemblage Albany NY Button READ
  253. Victorian Mourning Ring Braided Hair 14K Gold Antique 10.7g / sz 9.5
  254. Antique Victorian 9C/9K Gold Mourning Pin Brooch
  255. Antique Victorian Circa 1800 10K Mourning hair ring Faith Hope Charity
  256. Antique Victorian mourning pendant, Diamond fly, Bohemian garnet, 18ct gold neck
  257. Rare Victorian Woven Hair Sterling Silver Marcasite Onyx Mourning Necklace
  258. Superb! Antique Late Victorian Gutta Percha Whitby Jet Mourning Collar Necklace
  259. 21 VICTORIAN edwardian faux coral JEWELRY necklace mourning period costumes
  260. Victorian Antique Mourning Brooch 14 K Yellow Gold & Woven Hair Double Knot
  261. Antique Victorian 3 Frame Gilded Brass Mourning Photo Brooch Pin
  262. Antique Victorian Mourning Hair Brooch collectible gold and black funerary
  263. Victorian Era Pearl Mourning Ring Greek Key Antique Black Enamel Women's Jewelry
  264. Victorian Mourning Hair Bracelet Gold Filled 1800s
  265. Rare Germany-Made Mourning Brooch with Vintage Daguerreotype Photo
  266. Victorian Beautiful Large 14k Gold Black Onyx Mourning Memorial Locket
  267. Victorian Mourning Memento Mori Lady & Man Sweethearts in Photo Buttons
  268. Victorian Mourning Brooch Engraved 1860
  269. Antique Victorian Memorial Mourning Hair 16K 18K Gold Turquoise Pearl Brooch Pin
  270. Victorian 15ct Chester Gold Etruscan Sweetheart Brooch / Mourning Hair Locket
  271. 1800s Victorian 14K Yellow Gold Black Onyx Diamond & Seed Pearl Mourning Pendant
  272. MOURNING Brooch Engraved SHIELD ANTIQUE Victorian Era SILVER GILT
  273. Victorian Macabre Memento Mori Skull Ring, Human Hair Earrings Coffin Box 1884
  274. Vtg Victorian Mourning Jewelry Black Glass & Seed Pearl Flower Bar Pin Brooch
  275. Gutta Percha Victorian Mourning Hoop Earrings
  276. Important & Rare Antique Irish 15k Gold Multi Mourning Locket Pendant Trench
  277. Victorian Edwardian Enamel Lily of The Valley Momento Mori Mourning Brooch
  278. Antique Natural Pearl & Hair 14KT Y Gold STUDENT COMMERATIVE Mourning Brooch
  279. Vintage Mourning Locket Necklace in Gold-Filled Setting, 1900's, Vintage Jewelry
  280. Victorian woven hairwork brooch/pin
  281. Vintage Victorian Mourning Pin 10K Yellow Gold Black Jet Seed Pearl Brooch
  282. Victorian 9k Yellow Gold inside branch with gem Mourning Bow Pin Brooch
  283. Antique Victorian Gold Filled Braided Hair Mourning Pin / Brooch
  284. Antique Victorian Mourning Woven Hair Art Watch Chain Fob Gold Filled 2 Strand
  285. Victorian Etruscan Mourning Dangles Brooch Locket 14K Gold, Enamel, Seed Pearls
  286. Bakelight Mourning Black Cameo Necklace Victorian Art Deco Large Black Cameo
  287. Vintage Antique Victorian 10k 14k Rose Gold Mourning Black Onyx Pin / Brooch
  288. Rare Antique Victorian 1870 Secret Locket Buckle Hair 15K Gold Ring, 3.7g sz 5.5
  289. Antique Memento Mori Pendant RARE Soldier Mourning Assemblage Albany NY Button
  290. Antique Austrian Victorian Rolled Gold Locked Mourning Brooch Portrait Frame
  291. Victorian Lady Wakes In Casket. White Glass Face with 1900 Mourning Beaded Shawl
  292. Antique Victorian 14k Rose Gold Mourning Ring Featuring the Name Ettie Size5.5
  293. Lover's Eye Butterfly Moth pin brooch Victorian Mourning Georgian inspired art
  294. Vintage Mourning Locket Necklace, 1800's, Vintage Jewelry
  295. Antique Victorian Mourning Swivel Rotating Brooch Pin with Pictures
  296. Victorian Jet Black Glass Mourning Bar Brooch C Clasp Three Row Antique
  297. Antique Victorian Gold Filled Book Enamel Mourning Pendant & Rolo Chain Necklace
  298. Victorian Bakelite Mourning Cameo Necklace
  299. Best Moment Georgian U0026 Victorian Mourning Jewelry Collection
  300. Victorian Era Tussie Mussie
  301. Victorian Mourning Items Kentucky Collectibles Ket
  302. Rare 1883 Haegerstown Memento Mori Wood Book Skull Carving Reliquary WorryStone
  303. Antique Victorian Memento Woven Hair Work Mourning Brooch
  304. Ask A Mortician Hair U0026 Mourning Jewelry